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A Word From Our Camp Gan Israel Directors 

Hello Indianapolis! 


Our names are Aliza Friedman and Chayale Pinson and we will be joining y'all from the south - Atlanta GA! We are excited to be bringing years of experience directing Camp Gan Israels around the world including Dublin, Helsinki and most recently Swampscott MA.


We both attended the Hasten Hebrew Academy for many years and are looking forward to reconnecting with the Indianapolis community. We are excited to meet the wonderful families that make Indy such a special place.


We look forward to an exciting and inspirational summer of happiness, Judaism and lots of FUN!

Aliza Friedman and Chayale Pinson

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Mini Gan Izzy 

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A Word from our Mini Gan Izzy Director


Hi everyone!

I’m Chana Grossbaum :)

I’m originally from London, England and moved to Indy a couple of months ago with my husband Dovid and daughter Chai. We are absolutely loving the Hoosier friendliness and warmth!

I’m so excited to be the director of the preschool division at Camp Gan Izzy!!
I have quite a bit of experience teaching preschool aged children from my years back in New York. I’ve also worked in different camps around the world for the past few summers and have thoroughly enjoyed each unique experience. 


I love working with children, experimenting in the kitchen and dancing!

Can’t wait for an awesome summer! 
Looking forward to making wonderful memories together :)

Chana Grossbaum

Meet Our Loving Camp Counselors 

Camp Gan Israel

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Hi, I'm Chana and I'm so excited to be a counselor in camp this summer! I am from Glendale, CA where the sun shines magnificently. I've had amazing experiences working with kids in the past in my community. I can't wait to make this summer the best one ever!

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Hey, my name is Bassi! I am from San Francisco and love the wonderful vibe of my hometown. I love jamming out to all types of music and dancing is my #1 hobby. I love kids and cannot wait to meet the kids of CGI Indy!

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Hey, my name is Aliza :) I am so excited to be a counselor at Camp Gan Izzy. I live in Hollywood, Florida and love all things art and fashion! I can't wait to have a beautiful and meaningful summer!

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Heyyy my name is Ita Eliezrie and I’m from Southern California! Im the oldest in my family, so I have a lot of experience with kids ;) I love dance and art, and I’m so excited for this summer :)

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Hi! I am Racheli Boudjnah and I live in California. I love all the sunshine down here! I'm so excited to be working this summer with all the Indy kids! I love to play all kinds of sports and use my creativity to create art!

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Hey! I'm Shayna Zalmanov :) I'm from Munster, Indiana - Indy Spirit!! I love cooking and baking and messing around in the kitchen. I also love all things art! I can't wait for an awesome summer in Gan Izzy!

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Hey! I’m Chana:) I’m from Chicago and cannot wait to join you all at Gan Izzy Indy! I love all things kids, cooking and summer so I’m super excited :)

Mini Gan Izzy Teacher - Ms. Ellie Hersh


Hello everyone.  My name is Ellie Hersh and this is my first summer working at Mini Gan Izzy. I love working with children and watching them grow and learn.


I am just finishing my second year teaching kindergarten at Hasten Hebrew Academy, my fourth year teaching kindergarten Sunday School at Beth El Zedeck, and I also teach swim lessons!  I graduated from Butler in the spring of 2016. 


In my free time I enjoy playing musical instruments (especially the oboe), coloring, and swimming.  I cannot wait to have fun exploring with your child this summer!

Ms. Ellie Hersh

Mini Gan Izzy Teacher - Ms. Olga Povolotska

Hello! My name is Olga Povolotska.

I was born and grew up in Ukraine, where I got my MBA degree and worked as a Human Resources Manager for 7 years. My husband and I got married and moved to the US in 2008. Our first year we spent in Savannah, GA. Then we moved to West Lafayette, IN. We have two sweet kids: Samuel is 7 y.o. and Miriam is 5 y.o. They were students at Montessori School of Great Lafayette for 6 years. We became a part of Montessori community and it was naturally for me to start working there in March 2017. I work with kids 2-3 years old and 3-6 years old. I look forward to meeting your families and have a delightful time with your kids!

Ms. Olga Povolotska

Camp Dates 2021

Week 1 - June 28 - July 2

Week 2 - July 5 - 9

(No camp July 5)

Week 3 - July 12 - 16

Week 4 - July 19 - 23

Week 5 - July 26 - 29

(Last day of camp Thursday July 29)