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Your child's health and safety is our #1 priority!

CGI follows guidelines by the CDC and FSSA for essential childcare programs. CGI staff are closely monitoring these guidelines for updates throughout the state reopening process and will update them accordingly. Any updates will be communicated with families through email. 


General Guidelines

• If a child shows a fever of 100.4°F or above, in order to reduce the risk of contamination, they will not be permitted into the building and the fevered individual will be prohibited from the CGI campus for a minimum of 72 hours.

• For any child sent home due to illness, he/she can return to camp after 72 hours, with the last 24 hours being symptom- and medication-free. 

• The 72-hour minimum does not begin until the initial fever has broken and the person’s normal temperature has returned. 


• If a member of your household tests positive for Covid, please don't send your child to camp for the 5 days of quarantine. 

Face Coverings:

• Mask policies will be determined one week prior to the start of camp based on local guidelines and as per advice of Chabad’s medical advisory board.


Positive/Possible Positive Case Guidelines:


• Any child that has come in close contact with a person with COVID-19 will be prohibited from returning to the CGI campus for a minimum of 14 days. 

• If any family member is voluntarily tested, regardless of the reason, CGI Staff MUST be contacted prior to the test date and no one in the household will be permitted to return to the CGI campus until a negative test result is received. 

• CGI Admin will notify families of any open tests of any individuals (staff or families) associated with the program. Families will be notified when test results are received. 

• If a child has symptoms that begin during camp, staff will contact his/her parents for early pick-up. The child will stay isolated from other children until a parent/guardian arrives. 

• If there is a positive case in a household, any children from that family will quarantine for 5 days before returning to camp. This 5-day period ensures that children in the home did not become positive at any time during the positive family member's quarantine. 

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